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Christmas tour was unreal! Every show was full of great people and performers. Ended with Christmas Eve at The Casbah playing and hanging out with lots of friends. Window broken in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle for the first time, can't wait to do it all again next year!

Great fun with Har Mar Superstar and Pizza Underground last nite, but now it's time to talk Christmas Tour! Shows already confirmed for several cities.

Full schedule is on our "shows" page.  If you plan to follow us around on tour like a Deadhead, we will press charges.
Sept. 29-

  Our video for "Furries!" is here. Here we are in all our fuzzy glory with our furry friends, causing chaos in the local park!
July 21

 Come out this Friday to Finest City Improv as they do a show all about Jaye!

Come watch Finest City Improv and their show about...Jaye! How cool is that?! Click on pic for tix

July 4 - New single out today!

  Hey, it's the Fourth of July! You know what that means - Our new single came out today! Coincidence? Hardly. What better way to stick it to Ted and his whacky "Patriotism" then to release our new single, "Shut Up, Ted Nugent is Talking." Jaye's more patriotic than Ted, and she's Canadian! What?!
So here it is. It's strictly a digital release and only .99!  Click on Ted's sexy face to buy and download at, and click the ITunes button if you wanna do it on ITunes. Either way, enjoy! And check out the video below!

Click on Ted's sexy face to purchase from .99

And now here's the video for "Shut Up, Ted Nugent Is Talking," put together by our friend Jason Bang. All drawings by Jaye!

...and here's where Ted Nugent liked it on his Facebook page. Seriously.

June 30


Here we are recently on Wayne Keysers podcast just blathering away. Wayne is great. Listen to this!

Feb. 18, 2014

Jaye is in this documentary! Click on the pic for link


Jaye is in this great documentary about the burlesque hall of fame!

Pony Death Ride meets Richard Simmons. or is it the other way around?!


Richard Simmons receiving performing tips from us at The Hollywood Burlesque Festival

Jan 15, 2014
We've formed a new supergroup with Boz Boorer of Morrissey and his wife! We are called Jayelyn Joeboz. Sadly, there will be no shows or albums. Here's our photo:

Stranger Danger video live in San Diego, Ca. Jan. 2014

Jan 1, 2014
We played a show With Neil Hamburger Jan. 2 at The Casbah. We left it on our site so we look cool.
Jan 2014

Pony Death Ride on Dr. Demento! 

Nov 2013
We're proud to announce our song "Furries!" was played recently on the world famous Dr. Demento Show! Bonusly, we were played right after "Talk dirty to the animals" by Gilda Radner. Neat. The show was Oct. 5 if you wanna check it out or maybe you simply don't believe us.

Hey! We're featured in a UK comedy blog!  

Sept.. 2013
The UK  blog Comedy Blogedy is a really well-written, informative blog focusing on touring stand-up comedy and festivals, etc. They did an interview with us recently. Here it is:                                                                                                          


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